We are Iconeus, a Paris-based company, developing and commercializing a breakthrough functional brain imaging modality (functional ultrasound imaging or fUS). Our revolutionary method, backed by more than a decade of research, allows the visualization of brain activity with unprecedented spatial and temporal resolution and high sensitivity. Founded in 2016 by the inventors of functional ultrasound, Iconeus sells a piece of easy-to-use equipment for imaging cerebral blood flow and microvasculature.  It is designed especially for neuroscientists and is ready to use straight out of the box so that you don’t waste your time on programming. Its unique features have enabled it to lead the field in preclinical studies on both anesthetized and awake-behaving animals, and it is now being proposed for applications in clinical research too.

Left panel: Iconeus One imaging platform. Right panel:  Whole-brain fUS visual activation map (top) and Ultrasound Localization Microscopic image (bottom) acquired on Iconeus One through an intact skull in mouse.